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Hosting workshops is our favorite way to meet new people and create a large impact quickly. We host workshops on a variety of topics including joint specific mobility, movement pattern techniques, recovery methods, breath awareness, sleep hygiene, balance deficits, chronic pain, and concussion education. If you are interested in collaborating to have a workshop presentation by a Physical Therapist, click on the contact us button and send an inquiry. We are always looking for new partners to improve the health of our community.

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Workshop Testimonials


"Stephen was organized and presented the material in an easy to understand fashion and was effective towards my goals to utilize these skills. He was extremely knowledgable and understanding of the needs of the class."


"I felt the presentation was very clear and broken down well. I had a refresher and learned different ways to use muscle energy techniques to correct joint dysfunction. I felt this was beneficial to learn new techniques and was presented very well."


"The workshop was very beneficial for me and showed me different techniques to correct and treat myself. It was also a good refresher overall and very thorough."


"Quality presentation with great information. Presenter was interesting and engaging. We learned information we are able to immediately implement. Recommended!!"

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