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Wrist wrapped with red band for rock climbing athlete

Physical Therapy Services

Hey there,

We Are Here To Help

We see how many different ways you’ve tried to find a solution for your pain. We understand the frustration of feeling left-behind on the adventures you love.

You deserve to be able to do what you love. Injuries are so disruptive to your routine and family life. Pain is expensive from a time, energy, and financial perspective. It’s lonely not to be able to move with your people. Let us help you get back to the life you love.

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Rock climbing athlete being treated for ankle pain

The Transformation You Can Expect

My clients come to me dejected and discouraged, frustrated with their body and the number of different doctors, therapists, trainers, or coaches they’ve looked to for answers. I help my clients break the pain cycle. By addressing their underying movement patterns, we treat both the symptoms they’re currently presenting with and the movement patterns that will cause them to end up in pain further down the road. By fully listening to their experience, we can treat their whole body.


We layer in hands on therapy with education and exercise, each session addressing current pain and moving forward towards true movement freedom.

Family yoga in grassy field including kids and dog get ready for trail running in Essex Junction

At Snowbeast Performance, we help you discover the root cause of your pain, and help you to solve it.  After solving your pain, you become empowered to continue improving on your own and reaching new peaks.

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