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Are you looking to change the way healthcare is delivered?

Are you excited about a new way to take the best care of your community?


Do you want to bring your talent and join us helping people stay outdoors year round?

Does your PT even lift? Join our team to make an impact on clients in Northern Vermont

We know that opportunities come at all times, and even when you're not expecting them.  We are always looking for great people to bring on board our team, so we are always looking to connect with other providers that want to genuinely help people, students looking to get experience, and just good people that want to be involved.

We are currently looking for:

  • A physical therapist who wants to work with year round athletes, and wants their own days off to play outside

  • A remote programmer that can build relationships, provide accountability, and get results to athletes all year

  • A coach who can keep the crowd (4-6 people) pumped and productive, and can keep progressing each athlete

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