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Helping you feel your best so you can have more days skiing, riding, and being outside all Winter long!



  • A plan to get ready for the season before the lifts start spinning

  • Weekly Programming in Train Heroic App

  • Exercise videos for easy review and accountability

  • 2 Weeks of Mobility

  • 2 Weeks of Stability

  • 2 weeks of Strength


   Just $29 for 6 weeks of programming


  • You Get a Winter Specific Program That Can Be Done at Home or in a Gym, Saving You Time Looking for Help or Being in a Clinic

  • Get Moving Better, Get Stable During Your Movement, and Build Strength to Perform

  • Get Exercises That Target Ankles, Knees, Hips, and Back for Better Performance on the Mountain

  • Learn Ski and Snowboard Specific Movements Created By a Ski and Snowboard Specific Doctor of Physical Therapy

Snow Beast Performance-45.jpg



The PT was focused and geared towards someone who does extreme sports and that was different than others I worked with in the past who seemed to just give you the therapy to get you back to the basics. I needed more. He helped restore a lot of range of motion and provided detailed plans to continue working and bettering my body so I can get back to the sports I was missing or holding back in. More excited now than ever to get back on my snowboard!


My mobility was, to be kind, a train wreck. Enter Stephen, Jedi Master of all things movement and wellness. Stephen worked his Force wielding powers and quickly worked his knowledge. He was able to adjust my Tin Man-like hip and ankle mobility with simple exercises. Within weeks I was able to squat pain free and I began noticing PRs at the gym. 


I had a significant muscle strain in my back. I have done PT before for different issues and had good experiences, however my experience with Stephen went way beyond my expectations. Within an hour of my appointment I felt relief. Within two days of my appointment I woke up in the morning with minimal pain and had the ability to get back to the gym.

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