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Our Vermont Fall 2022 Bucket List

Vermont has amazing seasons. The Spring and Summer bring warm weather and time to enjoy swimming in the lake. The Winter brings snow for skiing and snowboarding. And now we are in Fall, where we get the peak colors of the changing of the seasons. As we hinted at in the last blog, we are so excited for the fall season, especially since it is Winter-eve!

There is so much to do in the fall, from watching the leaves change color in the mountains, to going for hikes, and enjoying the seasonal foods.

Fall Foliage

Now that it is October, we will start to see beautiful colors come out in the mountains. In Burlington, we are nestled in the Champlain Valley, which means we are surrounded by many mountain ranges. What makes the colors so vibrant?

As you may know, Vermont is known for maple.

Vermont has a mix of trees and some of the highest proportion of maples, as well as the sweetness of the soil and moisture patterns only found in Vermont. The sugar maples produce some of the most vibrant foliage in the fall months. You will be able to see their lush green leaves transform into bright reds, oranges, and yellows.

While there are plenty of trails to hike that can place you right in the heart of the changing trees, a drive is perhaps the best way to take in peak foliage in Vermont. Vermont has many scenic drives including Fall Foliage Central Vermont (between Hartford and Rutland) and Putney Road in eastern Vermont. Near us, you can take the Smugglers Notch Road which is a scenic route to view the fall foliage. Hit this road before the snow comes to take in all its glory.

Look at how beautiful the road is when all the trees are changing colors!

Fall foliage in Vermont, a scenic ride in Autumn
A beautiful ride through Vermont


Another great way to see the autumn colors is to hike some of the many peaks in Vermont before the snow falls. Here are some of our favorite hikes to do in the fall that has great views, and bright colors, and get your legs ready for skiing and snowboarding:

  • Stowe

  • Quechee

  • Mt.Philo

  • Smugglers Notch

  • Wheeler Mountain

  • Butler Lodge, Underhill

Fall colors in the mountains in Vermont before the snow falls
The Colors Before The Snow Falls

Yummy Treats and Fun Activities

The treats we have in the Fall, with a view of the foliage, and all the yummy flavors, make for a delicious season. From apple picking, pumpkin season, corn mazes, baking, and everything in between, Fall comes with plenty of tasty fun.

Shelburne Orchard and Adam's Apple Orchard are some of our favorite places to go apple picking. You can pick apples, buy apple cider (just regular or hard 😉), and get warm cider donuts. It's the perfect weekend trip! Another place that is great is Cold Hollow Cider Mill to get homemade cider donuts and delicious apple cider.

Shelburne Orchards

You can go to Whitcomb's Land of Pumpkins and Corn Maze and Sam Mazza's Farm Market which are great places to take pictures in the pumpkin patch and to bring the kids (or adults) to play in the corn maze 🌽.

All the pumpkin and apple-flavored baking makes this my favorite time of year. The scents smells, and tastes of fall are unmatched by the other seasons. Pumpkin and apple pie, pumpkin bread, apple crisp, cider donuts, and everything spiced with cinnamon. We have a blog that goes through the importance of switching up your eating through the seasons, and there are so many great things to make this season.

We love the changing of the seasons, because it means new outdoor adventures, taking a hike, going to local farms, and baking some treats.

This Maple Frosted Pumpkin Bread is one of my favorites. It checks all the boxes having pumpkin, AND maple, and has simple ingredients.

What are your favorite things to do in Vermont in the fall? What are your favorite fall treats?

Ashleigh Angle

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