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What are You Drinking on The Mountain?

The warm weather in Vermont we had this past week, teased us with summer again, when I am looking forward to getting on the mountain and all the snow possible. 🤩 Especially when I am looking at the weather in Bozeman, Montana and they got 2 feet of snow….. But..... we can start to think of what we can do to plan for our days on the mountain now, so we are ready when the lifts start spinning.

When you think of hydration when you are on the mountain, what do you think of?

Thinking about how many beers you can fit in your pockets when heading up the lift? How long can you go without stopping in the lodge for a sip of water?

It is so important to hydrate while on the mountain due to a variety of factors, and having a Camelbak or hydration pack on your back while skiing or snowboarding is beneficial. We are going to dive into what exactly our body is doing when we are on the mountain and some information about hydration while we are skiing and snowboarding this season so you are the best prepared for your mountain trips.

What our bodies are doing when it’s cold

It’s safe to say that our bodies are at a lower temperature when it’s winter because of the cold weather. And when we are on the mountain, yes we can be bundled up in our ski and snowboard gear, but it is still quite brisk on the mountain. Our bodies have to work a little extra to keep the body warm, which increases the amount of energy that our bodies are using. Even though you might not visibly be sweating, you are still losing fluids and energy, so it is critical to make sure you are hydrating and fueling while on and off the mountain. By being aware of this, we can make the conscious decision to bring water and snacks (like bars, trail mix, maple syrup, etc.) with us on the mountain so we have easy access and don't have to stop as often at the lodge.

What happens in our body when it is cold on the mountain

Exercise at Elevation

Exercise at any elevation requires hydration, but specifically when you are at higher elevation, our body is working a little harder to acclimate to the pressure and changes in temperature. No matter the trail that you are going on; if you are going on groomed runs, tree trails, or you are spending your day doing tricks in the terrain park, these winter activities will dehydrate you. You might not want to stop at the lodge for food and drink, and carrying around a water bottle on the slopes is not something many people do. Dehydration is not fun and it means that you won’t be able to enjoy your time on the slope as much with feelings of fatigue and having headaches. However, we can combat that with hydration packs or Camelbaks.

Enjoy every moment of skiing and snowboarding by hydrating

Hydration on the Go

Even if you ski or snowboard with a backpack usually, it still is not easy to pack a water bottle carrying around the extra weight, trying to find the water bottle while on the lift with your gloves on, etc. So most people don’t even drink the water they bring even if they do bring a water bottle. Instead of bringing a water bottle, you can easily have a camelbak, which is lightweight, and easy to access while you are on the lift or on the mountain. It takes up minimal room and is light so it is not a burden to have on your back while skiing or snowboarding. You can also easily pack in a snack or two in the pack so you can have a snack while on the lift as well.

What about Freezing?

Having the Camelbak bladder and hose freeze would defeat the purpose of bringing a pack on the mountain, but they are designed to take longer to freeze. You can also buy insulation covers for the hose to prevent the water from freezing inside and not allowing you to drink your water. Another trick is to fill the camelback with warm water at the start of the day and let it cool down by the time you are ready to have a drink.

The Bottom Line

Hydration is so important for you to stay healthy and stay on the mountain. Making sure that you are properly hydrated will keep you skiing or snowboarding all season long. Maybe it is time to invest in a Camelbak right now so you are ready for the first snow dump.

What are you drinking this season?

Do you want to know more about nutrition on the mountain? Let us know by sharing this blog, sending us an email, text, or DM.

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