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Now Hiring - Part Time Physical Therapist

Snowbeast Performance is looking to hire an energetic and passionate individual to fill our part-time Physical Therapist position.


Qualities we’re looking for:


🔥 A strong desire to learn, challenge yourself and others, problem solve, and GROW (yourself, the team, our company)


🔥 A high level of compassion for others and a natural ability to connect with a wide variety of people

🔥 Confidence in the ability to educate people on what we do, how we do it, and emphasize the value in it


🔥 A strong familiarity with performance based physical therapy

🔥 Motivation to develop your own interests to support our clients


🔥 ​A high comfort level being the primary contact point in the healthcare journey of our clients.


🔥 The ability to be a true team player - in our company, we climb the mountain together!

If this sounds like a good fit for you or someone you know, please email us at

🗣 Please share with anyone who you think would be a good fit!

Want to Learn More?  That's Our Kind of People!

Keep reading to see if you're a great fit!

We are a busy physical therapy clinic looking to grow our team.  We are looking to start a Physical Therapist with 10-15 hours a week, with potential to grow to full time position as the business and candidate grow together.


If you are looking for the typical physical therapy job where you are working with multiple clients per hour, doing paperwork for insurance companies that has nothing to do with clients getting better, or discharging clients even though you know you can help them even more….THEN DO NOT READ FURTHER!

If you DO NOT want the opportunity to change the way healthcare is provided ….THEN DO NOT READ


The average therapy clinic hires clinicians to do high volumes of low quality care! They hire people to manage multiple clients, pump out several evaluations every week, and keep the numbers churning, regardless of if clients get good results.  We are not your average therapy clinic!


If you are truly committed to helping people by listening and asking questions and making sure that they are getting the help they absolutely need and want…...THEN READ ON!


If you are truly committed to being a team player and helping build a community of providers so we can best help our clients healthcare…...THEN READ ON!


If you want to be valued, recognized, and proud of the work you do……THEN READ ON!


You will be the go to provider for your clients, and you will help them navigate their journey to stay healthy and active long term!


When you lead the patients on their way to success, then the business is successful!

Sound good so far?

This is what our clients say about us.

Testimonial for shoulder pain of rock climber
Testimonial for muscle strain and back pain in Essex Junction Vermont
Testimonial from client in Williston for return to Cross Fit activity

You can read a bunch more reviews more here.

Check out our Instagram here.

See our Facebook here.

Will they say the same about you?

Do you want to be part of this?

We know that lifting up others is how we raise the whole community.  We are committed to that with our clients and with our employees.  We want to grow together, and we want to climb that mountain together!

We focus on outdoor and winter athletes because we believe that outside exercise year round is an important part of long term wellness and healthy relationships.  If you're enjoying the outdoors in the winter, then you are taking steps to be active year round, and that is something we can all support.

By helping our clients stay active and outside, we are helping them have more comfort and confidence in their bodies, have more expression and calming for their minds, and have more memories and deeper relationships with their family and friends.

We want you to know exactly what we're focused on!

Our Mission is:

To help outdoor athletes get back in their boots and stay on the mountain for lifelong memories.

Our Vision is:

Snowbeast Performance will help snowsport athletes year round and around the world to provide support for keeping active outside and living healthy lifestyles.

And our Core Values are:

​Accountability, Relationships, Community, Confidence

We want to be completely transparent with our clients, and we do the same for our employees.  This allows us to form a partnership to get to the goals of each person we interact with.  If we can help clients have a great experience, and help employees develop as leaders, then we can make a bigger impact than any one provider could make alone.  We want to empower all those we work with.  As they succeed, so will we!

If you think you've got what it takes to be a Snowbeast, then send us an email at and we will get in touch with you.

Still want to know more?

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Do you develop deep and meaningful rapport with clients, customers and patients?... and communicate effectively?

This means having great listening skills and problem solving skills. Many people who call our office are looking for solutions, and they don’t always know how we can help them….or how much it will cost!


This means believing that people should know the value of the care that they will receive and that YES, they should know their cost for a healthcare visit! You must be OK sharing cost and discussing money with potential clients and patients.


You MUST have the desire to learn and be teachable to go through the training we provide.


You will benefit, through salary and bonus, from the growth you help create! We are a fast growing Physical

Therapy office in Essex Junction that is redefining how these services are offered. We need a person just like the one described above to help us with this growth….someone who LOVES SEEING AND HELPING PEOPLE on their journey to better health!


We’ve invested our money, time, and resources perfecting our practice and its business process, sales tools, and training! Because of this investment, we are looking for ONLY those that fit the description above!

Opportunity includes growing your own interests!


Want to work with a specific athlete population? We can help you learn how and get you clients!


Already doing a great job reaching out into the community?  We need that type of energy!


Looking to develop small group trainings?  We're looking to grow into that also!

Starting at $60/hour with growth potential of what YOU want to develop, AND bonuses available as you develop your caseload and increase your hours!

We don’t hire backgrounds. We hire people who truly exhibit everything above. If you’ve got the stuff, young or old, we’ll know.


Good Luck!

16 Morse Dr.

Essex Junction, VT 05452

Tel: 802-391-4228

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