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Who We Are and What We Believe

Why Skiers and Snowboarders?

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Hey colleagues!

We created this page to better connect with our friends and allies on our client's care team, and we thought telling you more about us was a great way to do that.

We are obviously winter sport athletes, and we believe that being outside year round is an important part of long term health and wellness.  If you're getting outside and staying active in the winter, then you are the type of person that is outside and active all year long, and you value the benefits of fresh air, sunshine, nature, and exercise.  That's our kind of people!

While we focus primarily on skiers and snowboarders, we work with all athletes.  The difference is that we speak the language of skiers and snowboarders.  We understand what it is they are working toward, and we understand how they get amped for an upcoming trip, an unexpected dump, or a freshly groomed bluebird morning.  We get excited about those same things!

We also understand how important skiing and snowboarding is to many clients.  Not only is it an opportunity to get out and enjoy the pristine beauty of winter on the mountain, but it's also an event that brings people together.  We appreciate that in our own lives, and we don't want anyone missing out on the chance to make memories on the mountain with their families and friends.

Working with ski and snowboard clients allows us to talk and learn about something we love all day long.  We are constantly learning from our clients, and this should be true with physical therapy at any level.  We already see specialists in many other sport disciplines, but we don't see many businesses specifically working to help winter athletes.  This is where we find our sweet spot, and we feel we can make a lasting impact on people by helping them continue to keep up with the sports they love.  Missing out on an amazing ski and snowboard trip because you were injured is something we all want to avoid in our lives.

We work with clients of all sports, of all levels, and of all ages.  We work with recreational, aspiring, and professional athletes, and we are able to focus on their sport and what they need to do to return and thrive.  Most of our clients happen to ski or snowboard, but many of them come to us to solve another problem that is affecting their day to day lives.

We understand that clearly communicating with each client is what separates great care from good care.  Many clinicians provide adequate care to their clients, but they don't go above and beyond to make it the best experience possible.  We are always working at providing more to support our clients, and to support their team of providers.


We develop deep and long lasting relationships with our clients because we are actually interested in their lives, and we care about their long term health.  We are not trying to get them in and out of the clinic, but we also value their time, and don't want them wasting it by getting passed around without getting the answers to the questions they are asking.


We are working with them to address what they want and need, and we are acting as a key team member to their well being.  We are often referring them to other providers as we identify the best plan for each situation.  We are part of their team, and we are always looking to connect and collaborate with their other providers so we can get them the outcome they are looking for.

We get excited about every client we work with, and every provider we meet.  We believe in building community, and we are already fortunate to have a great community to build upon. Every client and every referral partner is part of our community.

We also believe in building confidence in our clients.  This is a focus from youths to seniors. We can always work on being more confident with our abilities, and by educating those we work with, and educating ourselves, we can build confidence in all those we interact with.

Lastly, we believe in accountability.  We believe in being accountable to ourselves, to each other, and to those we work with.  We accomplish this by being transparent with our intentions, and by actually doing what we say we are going to do.  You won't catch us saying we will do something, and then not doing it.

Now that you've learned a bit about us and what we do, we hope you feel even more comfortable working with us and sending the right clients our way.  We are confident in our ability to provide exceptional care to our clients, and we have built our system to support each client, so we can maintain long relationships, and include them in our community. This is something we will always be accountable to.


These are the things we believe at Snowbeast Performance, and we are always looking for other providers that feel the same.

Let’s Work Together

16 Morse Dr.

Essex Junction, VT 05452

Tel: 802-391-4228

Fax: 802-332-3752

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