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What does it take to get ready for ski and snowboard season?

Now that we have finished summer, and are feeling cooler temps and seeing changing colors, we can’t help to think about what’s coming next. Winter! 😎

It’s not quite Winter's eve yet, but it’s the eve of the eve!

We look forward to Winter all year, and as we are seeing it coming, we are excited to be working toward our Winter goals.

For some that might be to get more days, land a new trick, or take an amazing trip. For us, we look forward to all those things, but this is also our time to deliver more content and value to the clients we completely love working with!

We are focused on Winter and getting as many athletes as possible ready.

From first timers to seasoned vets, we’ve got something to get your Winter started right. We have new winter sports programs coming out whether you’re skiing or snowboarding. We will be providing more videos, blogs, and seminars that will get you and your body ready for Winter.

As we are lining up all our tips downhill, we are looking forward to hearing how each winter athlete excels this year. If you’ve got a past story you haven’t shared with us, well now is the time we can’t wait to get our next snow day success story!

While we work with ski and snowboard athletes all year, we start to transition their training soon after Labor Day.

This gives us time to develop a program specific to winter sports, and it allows us to identify gaps in training and skills. This will help us prepare athletes for the first chair on opening day. Before you even get started with a new program, you can freshen up your thoughts on how to get the most out of your program here.

Whether you ski or snowboard, the demands of a snowy mountain require your brain and body to react differently than any training you’ve been keeping up with all Summer. We need you to have the mobility, stability, and strength to have the most fun and the most amazing memories when you’re wearing your favorite boots.

We bring our athletes through these three phases:

Green Circle, Blue Square, Black Diamond

We think of these three phases as progressions, just like the trails on the mountain.

You need to have sufficient mobility to be able to do what you want to do. This is like learning to find your edge control on the green circles.

You need to have full body stability to be able to do what you want WHERE you want to do it. When you’re playing on the blue squares, you are finding different terrain and practicing the skills you know, but with different variables.

You need to have productive strength to be able to do what you want, where you want, and to do it well and all day long. When you’re challenging black diamonds you are getting stronger in what you can do, and you’re linking together all your skills to stay safe and have fun.

We have our athletes start working through these progressions now as that gives us time to correct any poor habits, address prior injuries, and refresh movement patterns that we want to reinforce.

Having our ski and snowboard athletes move through these phases mimics the skill progression on the mountain, and that’s just going to make you even more excited for that first snow day!

Each phase has exercises specific to the major movement patterns for skiing and snowboarding, and we focus on six key areas:

  • Quads

  • Calves

  • Hamstrings

  • Groin

  • Hip Abductors

  • Thoracic Spine

Each of these areas is emphasized throughout the program, and they progress and build off one another developing into more advanced skills. While we can’t guarantee more fun and reduced injury risk, we are pretty sure that all our past powder hounds would say that’s exactly what they got from our program.

Many athletes will continue to work with us for other specific needs. That could be a past injury, a recurring ache, or an advanced training goal. We work with skiers that want to get rid of knee pain, and skiers that want to turn gates faster. We work with snowboarders recovering from a shoulder injury, and snowboarders trying to get an extra rotation in the air. No matter what your goal on the mountain is, we can be with you all the way until you clip in or buckle up.

We are excited about the upcoming season, and we definitely aren’t overlooking the Fall foliage hikes, the cooler air, and all the fun harvest festivities.

We completely love this season because of the amazing food and the anticipation of snow.

This is one of our favorite times to train and get ready for all the amazing outdoor adventures coming. Plus, pumpkin everything!

If you’re ready to start getting your mind and body primed for winter sports, then reach out to us and let us know. We want to help you, and we’ve got options for everyone, including some new and exciting products we can’t wait to turn out. Let us know if you want to find out more and we will get you all the newest info on what we have to offer.

Keep a lookout for new promotions as we offer more services that will help you get back in your boots, and stay on the mountain. #snowbeastperformance

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