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Getting help to get where you're going

What's the best way to get where you want to go? Where is it that you want to go?

Some people will do endless research and meticulously plan every detail about the journey. Some people will decisively pick up and move on. Neither way is wrong if it gets you to your destination.

What is that destination? Is it an actual location? Somewhere you want to travel to, or a place you want to see? Does it bring you to a person? Maybe it takes you away from someone.

Perhaps, it's a goal. What kind of goal is it? It could be physical, like setting a new personal record on a lift, or completing a race. It could be mental, like achieving a certification, attending a seminar, or graduating a program. It could be internal like finding peace, gaining awareness, or accepting a loss.

Where you are going is defined uniquely by your own lens. Only you know where you want to go. Even if your destination is so different and so aspirational that no one has ever achieved what you desire, does that mean that no one can help you?

If you were trying to get to an actual location, you would likely seek information. You may look at a map, research routes, negotiate traveling, or ask around. You certainly could get there without any of the preliminary work, but it would be easiest to have some understanding of the journey ahead so you could better plan for the obstacles that will inevitably present.

If you were trying for a physical goal, you again could gather information, and some of that information would possibly be a guide, or a coach, to help you get there quickest and safest. Someone that understands what it takes to attain that goal could be a great resource and motivator to help you arrive at your goal.

If you were challenging your mind, having a teacher, instructor, or even a book would be a good tactic to increase your chance of success. It would be very difficult and lengthy to try to discover and apply all the thoughts and pieces that someone else had already been able to lay before you.

If your goal was internal, a counselor or partner may help you attain your desire. You could expect that some of these internal goals will require self reflection, but having a guide can facilitate the process so you find what areas are restricting your progress.

Any desire you may have can be assisted by someone or something outside of yourself. Whenever looking to acquire a new skill, it is best to have assistance, encouragement, motivation, and accountability. It is too easy to lose the path without a guide to turn you back onto it when you stray.

At one time in my adult life, I had a traumatic event that affected me physically, mentally, and internally. I felt I could persevere through this challenge, and that I could get myself back on the path I had been on. Unfortunately, I was so far off the path, that it was unlikely to find my way back by myself. I needed a guide, and in actuality it was several guides for each component of my life.

I physically was injured. I couldn't do athletic activities like I was used to. Normally exercise was an outlet for me. I could clear my mind and relieve my stress by riding my snowboard or shooting hoops. These activities did not do that for me anymore, and I was stubborn and desperate to get that feeling back.

Mentally, my thoughts and emotions were jumbled and unclear. I couldn't think how I wanted to think, but still thought well enough to realize it. I couldn't do my job, I couldn't calm my mind, and I couldn't cook an omelette. My brain did not function the way I wanted it to.

This lead to my internal struggle. It created a downward spiral of frustration and despair. Two things I was not good at dealing with as I had no prior experience with them. I still had logic. I knew I needed to change, but I couldn't do this on my own.

I needed a guide.

I needed a plan.

I needed accountability.

I needed to ask for help.

After trial and error and outright failure, I took the first step to getting help. I stepped into it slowly, and overtime I accepted it more, and asked for help in other areas. I was able to address all my needs. I was able to get myself back onto the path. I was able to feel, act, and look like myself again.

I tried to get myself to my destination alone, which was a state of mind I already knew. Even with my familiarity with the destination, even with the extensive researching I did on my own, even with the support of my family and friends, I was not able to get there without help.

When you determine your destination, whether thought about and decided upon, or unwillingly set before you, the best way to get there is with the help of someone who knows the road.

I am fortunate to have returned to my path with a detour along the way. I am fortunate to have been on that rocky road that I can show others how to navigate it. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to help those in need.

We are all at sometime the follower, and we are all at some time the leader. It is not always simple to see which we are, or which we need to be.

If you are injured, in pain, or can't do what you want to do, I can help.

If you are unheard, frustrated, and full of emotion, I can listen.

If you are lost on your journey and looking to find your way back, I can guide.

I am fortunate for all the challenges, frustrations, and failures I have had in my life. These allow me to serve others on their own journeys, and it enhances my own journey on my path. #snowbeastperformance

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