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Get Out of Pain: Expert Physical Therapy
for Active Individuals Near Burlington, Vermont

Therapy tape applied to calf muscles, achilles tendon, and ankle during physical therapy session

Find the root cause

A women gets help to fix her back pain with soft tissue massage in front of a large image of Mount Mansfield

solve your pain

A young athlete gets ready for Winter by practicing on a snowboard in a green grassy field

stay empowered

Seven Daysies Best Physical Therapy Practice Nomination

Local readers select the Best of the Best,
and Snowbeast Performance is a finalist for


Physical Therapy

An actual patient first approach

You deserve to be able to do what you love. Injuries are so disruptive to your routine and family life. Pain is expensive from a time, energy, and financial perspective. It’s lonely not to be able to move with your people. Let us help you get back to the life you love.

A doctor of physical therapy treats a calf strain with massage in Essex Junction Vermont

Getting to Know You

By fully listening to your experience, we can help your whole body and mind.  Your ability and your words tell us what piece of the puzzle hasn't been yet solved, and your story starts with finding the root cause.  After you find relief and solve your pain, you continue to solve more challenges while becoming empowered to take on new peaks, trails, and goals.


Working With the Best

Smiling doctor of physical therapy at the best clinic for athletes in Essex Junction


Physical therapist smiling in green field after ski season around Burlington Vermont


Smiling CrossFit athlete in front of Mt. Mansfied enjoying skiing and snowboarding in Northern Vermont


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